Custom Homes for St. Charles County and St. Louis County


We do things differently at Le Chateau Company.  We focus our construction design and ideas on functionality and aesthetics based on the specifics indicated by our customers.

For our customers, our primary responsibility is to build a better home. Large or small, a custom home should be unique. The home should be an extension of the life style of the family who lives in it. During the discovery process with our customers, we begin to shape and form a vision that can be put on paper. It may be the case that our customer already has a plan, but needs us to construct the custom home of their dream. We welcome such opportunities and still have significant value to offer in terms of the construction process.

Our approach to custom home construction is based on three components:

1)      Build a Better Home – There are countless aspects of custom home construction that are often overlooked. The way the home is positioned on the lot, window locations, and the correct combination of mechanical, electrical and plumbing service must offer the most efficiency for your new home construction plan. Considerations should be made for future improvements like, landscaping, pool, outbuildings, storage, playgrounds, etc. We account for all aspects of home construction never losing site of the finished product along the way.

2)      Superior Project Management – Continuous communication is the key. It is each customer’s right to change his/her mind during construction. Not only will changes be made, but we anticipate many changes throughout the custom home construction process. Without constant customer interface we could be missing potential opportunities to tweak changes that better meet our customer’s functional and aesthetic needs.  Our team keeps on customers informed from start to finish.

3)      Flat Fee Structure – Our flat percentage of the projected fee structure is honest and upfront. We assure that more of your money will be going directly into the construction of your home and not into a Home Builders bottom line.

If you are looking to find a custom home builder, please give us a call so we can go to work for you and your family to build a better home.